Business Support

Project Management
We help businesses and organizations improve their performance and production by providing effective project management services. We work with our clients to plan and manage their projects in order to deliver them in a cost effective manner. We can help you define and prioritize your projects’ tasks and implement tools and procedures to execute them to yield the most profit and benefits. By setting a solid project management foundation in your business or organization, you will be set to achieve your goals on time and on budget.

Document Management
If you’re overloaded with paper and digital files and need some help organizing and managing them, we can help. We offer document management services that can improve your company’s efficiency in its production and reduce its costs. We’ll work with you to organize your important information and content and then set up a customized management system so you can easily track and improve your business. We can identify how your employees receive information and how they organize, distribute, store, and dispose of it and from there set up an improved records management program, leaving your information more accessible and usable and your employees more efficient.

Inventory Management
We offer a range of inventory management services for both businesses and individuals.

  • For businesses, we can help you turn your inventory over more quickly and clear out old, unwanted items by making your products more accessible and easier to sell. We can capture your product inventory in a streamlined inventory management program and work with you to establish optimal inventory levels, better job costing, and effective online sales, helping you save money in lost or wasted parts and materials and bring in more revenue through faster sales.
  • For individuals, we can:
    • Catalog your valuables for safe-keeping and insurance purposes as well as digitize your content such as photographs and videos for effective storage and accessibility.
    • Organize and inventory the contents of your home and estate and create a booklet of your instructions for them. We can also help you generate some extra income by setting you up to sell your unwanted items on eBay.

Branding and Marketing
We provide successful branding solutions using both online and offline marketing strategies. We conduct extensive analyses and research to design a unique and effective brand and then use the latest in technology and communications to develop and market the brand throughout the web and your local community. Learn more about our Branding and Marketing Solutions.

Training Development
We can work with you to identify the key competencies and procedures in which your organization needs to be trained and then develop and deploy an effective training curriculum through a variety of delivery methods such as:

  • Interactive Computer-based Training Applications, including Mobile Device Applications
  • OnSite Instructor-led Workshops and Live Web Training Sessions
  • PowerPoint and Video Presentations and Print/Handout Materials

We also provide technical writing services with expertise in user guides, hardware documentation, marketing communications, policies and procedures, and online help documentation.